Dedicated team that helped bring a brand new Yamaha Concert Grand Piano on stage at Martin Exeter Hall.  April, 2015

Stage Deportment and Etiquette Skills Workshop with Tracy Fehr held on February 25, 2017.  Well attended with 24 enthusiastic, engaged participants...

Strawberry Tea, June, 2015.

CONCERT OF CELEBRATION on June 14, 2017 @ Exeter Hall.

Very enthusiastic audience donated over $700 and enjoyed an eclectic program of local talent.  Many thanks.  Some photos of performers.  

Jordan Shields, PSO Graduate 2015, receiving scholarshop .

Registration Day, February 11, 2017

Music Composition Workshop with Anita Perry.  November 5, 2016.  Twenty-four participants ages 6 - 46 all composed music to go with a story or picture or about a best friend.  Lots of creative energy flowing.  Anita Perry said "amazed at the creativity".  Listeners were brought to tears when final pieces were played.

Selling Cotton Candy as Key It Up fundraiser at Centennial celebrations in the park.  2015.

100 Mile Festival of the Arts